Title: House in Podkoren
Program: Residential
Category: Housing, 3 holiday apartments
Year: 2009

Aim was to design a contemporary house which would evoke traditional architecture of alpine farming estates. Standing in an idyllic mountain setting with magnificent vistas, 3 apartment building (one floor each) has a concrete base (garage, wellness, wine cellar) and solid wood upper structure.  The black stained wood envelope of structural diagonals is interrupted with three storey high panoramic opening, protected with vertical blinds.  Each unit has an open plan living space, three bedrooms, a terrace and loggia. Living areas are oriented towards vast south-west window with spectacular, framed views. The longitudinal volume and the steep pitched roof reflect the context, the choice of black was inspired by the buildings in the immediate vicinity, for this was the only color available in wood-protective coatings back in the 1930s.